Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Keurig

Dear Keurig,

You do it so much better than my last coffee maker. And you give me what I need a lot faster too. I love that. I always hated when it took forever before. And you're not as messy as you know who. So I'm breaking up with my last coffee maker. He's old news. The only time I'll ever need him is for group coffee. And even then, I may still use you.

So what. I cheated. And they were wrong. The grass IS greener on the other side. But I hope you'll be a good coffee maker and understand, I won't be completely tamed. There will be days you expect me to play with you, but instead, I may have the urge to play with my espresso maker......... right next to you............... while you watch!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you're ok with that, we're going to have an awesome relationship and I'll be good to you too.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing

every year the saturday before Christmas my daughter and I volunteer as bell ringers at our local mall. Boy was it a cold one this year!!! But we enjoyed it anyway. We bring a little boombox with us with a CD of christmas music to pass the time and make everyone smile. Abby sorta dances a little bit when she's greeting everyone and she's a people magnet. OK maybe we sway together while we sing along. lol. I used my cell phone to snap a picture of her. I hope we always do this together, even when she's not a little one anymore.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

not able to respond to your comments...

I've been trying ever since I had this blog to respond to many of the comments I've recieved... but I always get error messages... and I've checked my settings, I should be able to respond.. I can respond on other peoples blogs but it keeps telling me it doesnt recognize me as a user when I try to post on my own blog?? huh?? very strange. I just dont want any of you thinking I ignore you or anything, I really do try to respond to you! I just can't! sorry! :)

Hometown Holidays Glens Falls NY

Last week the little city I live in had a hometown holidays celebration all week long in our downtown district. Each day had various happenings around town and we stepped out on friday to join in. We started at the queensbury hotel to "build a cookie" lol. Abby loved that. And while we were walking downtown Santa was walking around playing a saxaphone! :) He's good too, I had no idea Santa was a musician! lol

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gramma is gone....

A few hours ago my grandma left this world. She had been very sick for awhile, so it was not a big shock when it happened. My Abigail took it worse than I thought she would... she had formed a bond with my gramma over the last couple of years. I think the shock has wore off for her & she went to sleep finally.

I wanted to thank everyone who worked at the nursing home she had been in, for everything you've done for her & our family. We appreciate it & I sympathize with you for how difficult your job can be in situations like this & I appreciate the friendship many of you have extended to me over the last several months.

I had taken a nap because of a migraine earlier today and while I was sleeping, I dreamt gramma passed away. In my dream I cried & accepted it & thanked God she wasn't suffering anymore. Then the phone rang and startled me awake... and I KNEW... without even looking at the caller ID, I knew it was THE call. Even though I was awake, it still felt like I was dreaming. Sure enough, it was my dad letting me know. I don't believe I'm psychic or anything like that, not at all, but I do believe sometimes God has ways of speaking to us, and He was telling me in my dream when it happened, and He prepared me for the news. It had started off as a great day hanging out with a good friend downtown & back home to chill with her... and then turned into a very sad day. I'm going to take a few days off from business for personal time.

My session for this weekend is still on. I know Gramma wouldn't want me to stop everything in my life and cry forever. So I'm going to do what gramma would tell me to do. Say a prayer, cry a little bit, and pick up the peices and carry on.

Thank you for everyone who has emailed me or called, I appreciate knowing I have friends and family who reach out to me during sad times. It helps me get through it. God has given me a very strong heart that I am thankful for, so pray for my family if you don't mind. Pray for my dad too. He loved his mommy & his birthday is coming up on Christmas and I don't want this to be a miserable year for him. Thank you.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

baaybeez.. tutus.. & sock monkehs, say... "awwww"


an old friend of mine who seems way too young to be a grandmother lol..... had me come up for a visit and we did some photos for her grandsons first birthday! boy does time fly!!! Can't wait to do more with her this spring!! love those baby blues on her little man!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

what if black friday was boycott friday?

So all this madness about Black Friday & going to check out the crowds for the first black friday of my life (I only bought a pack of batteries lol) & hearing horror stories got me thinking.... My family lost thanksgiving because of black friday shoppers...
IIIIII WONDERRRRRRR... what would happen to our economy if "the 99%", boycotted "black friday" & stopped buying things made in china at huge retail chains operated by the 1%, while the turkeys are still warm & instead, bought things from smaller stores in local shops that are american made..... I just wonder.... ya know.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

PCOS Cysters....

Just wanted to open a discussion with all of you who have PCOS.... Lately I feel like it's kicking my butt. I'm trying really hard to drastically change my diet to help me out with my symptoms. Unfortunately a visit from strep throat to my home is sorta putting a damper on things lol. I have no energy lately. How are you guys doing?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the last of the autumn leaves!

my last session in the mountains was the last I've seen of any of the beautiful autumn leaves! I'm going to miss them! But they'll be back next year! What a sweet little girl I did photos of!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Mattel, I've got a bone to pick with you....

I'm getting up on my soapbox again. Not like I did last time... but just for a minute.... lol. I'm not really angry about this..... just doing a lot of eye rolling over it and I am curious to know who the heck thought this was a good idea to invent?????????..... I have an issue with a Mattel toy. Actually... I have an issue about a few but this blog is about one particular toy. That would be "Sweet Talking Ken".

I ran into this one the other day while asking my daughter for ideas for Christmas and I literally stopped in my tracks and said outloud, "no freakin way dude" and then I looked at the box, I flipped it over... I read... and I literally stood there in the middle of the doll aisle of my local wal mart with a dumbfounded look on my face wondering if there was a hidden camera nearbye pulling one on me. Nope. It was real. Mattel has really invented a Ken doll for our daughters where our little girls can press a button on him, say what we want him to "say" to us and it plays back in his voice. It's called Sweet Talkin Ken and it LITERALLY tells our girls right on the box "You make me talk" "The ultimate boyfriend always knows the right thing to say" and in the bottom left corner features a little girl twirling her hair like a ditz with the caption next to her "oh Ken, you're such a sweet talker". The part with the little girl is what disturbs me most.

Haven't Disney movies and romantic comedies already given us females an unrealistic expectation level of our male counterparts?

The average girl who enters her tween years thinks she's a princess and will meet prince charming who will be PERFECT and gorgeous and adore her and sweep her off her feet. And then when they get to junior high and they find out that boys have the capability to think for themselves too, they're in shock, and the heartbreak and male bashing begins. Ha. lol.

here's the tacky toy.

My daughter won't ever get a toy like this. This is disapointing to see being marketed to little girls for me. Now if it were marketed to women my age.... I think it could actually be pretty funny and make a great gag gift. lol This shouldn't be in the barbie section on the bottom shelf marketed to our daughters. This thing should be in Spencers. lol. I just think its better suited to the older ladies who have already had their reality check who can actually laugh at the ridiculousness of this plastic sweet talking gadget. *shrugs*

You know....... I wish my husband had a button on his chest that I could press and say ....."sit down hunny.. let me do the dishes.... can I please rub your feet? Let me brush your hair..... You are GORGEOUS today baby, don't bother putting make up on. Can I cook something for you sweetness? I just want to hold you......... Kim Kardashian? Ew. She's disgusting, I'd rather look at your ass hunny....... "

I think I might buy myself that damn doll......

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!!

Happy candy day! lol. did you take your critters out? We had a party at school & a parade AND we went to two malls and the local neighborhood for some candy gathering. lol. This was another year of a homemade costume for Abby, and we even used the same box as last year. She has declared we will keep using the same box each year and see what we can come up with. I like my Abby. She's original. *smile* Here are a few pictures from today. The first 2 are from her school party. I made a veggie platter and another mom made the punch with eyeballs lol. They went perfect together. Dont worry, there were plenty of cupcakes & cookies as well. lol.

oops.. i did it again. lol. I made this same display last year.

this lovely punch & eyeball concoction was made by another homeroom parent :) Cute huh?

and now for my "costume". I don't normally do anything for Halloween but this year Abby sorta begged me. So since I love peacocks.... why not? Even though peacocks are boys, peahens are girls, their coloring isnt as vivid, peacocks are the desired look when thinking of a peabird..... I found a make up tutorial on youtube to get me started and I tweaked it a bit. I also sprayed my hair blue, added green clip ins, homemade peacock feather hair clips, & gold glitter spray. I also used feather lashes & glue on rhinestones on my face. It (my makeup) stayed on all day too! Gotta love that revlon primer! lol

yes that is my natural eye color... i love how the bright colors made my eye color pop.

and last but not least... my favorite part of halloween... ABBY! And her homemade costume!! a Rubix Cube!!! She was a hit everywhere we went.... geeks my age totally appreciated this & weren't shy to high five her or pose for pictures with her. lol. And yes, she made out like a bandit... and mommy has already had too much candy..... Dude seriously Gertrude Hawk was giving out their chocolates...... meeeeoooowww! lol

(note.... abby has candy stuffed in her cheek in this photo!) ha

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Want to win these FREE!!!!??? Yup! A FREEBIE FROM ME!

Two of my favorite summer shots! The prints are GORGEOUS! The online photos do them no justice! They are watermark FREE of course in print..... and... if you go to my facebook page and follow the directions.. you could win one of them FREE!!! SO hop on over HERE to check it out! and enjoy the images!! What an awesome Christmas gift for the nature lover.. or for yourself!!!

Continental United States only please. To win, go to my facebook page, click "like" on my page, "share" the image(s) on your wall, and leave a message on my wall to let me know you shared, and which one(s) you shared so your name will be enterted into the drawing(s). Drawing is November 19th, 2011. Good Luck!! It's anybodys game!!



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senior Portraits

I always try to do something unique with each of my seniors to represent their class year. This session we used leaves and posed on the green at the Golf Club!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

so i had this idea & apparently... so did a few other people.... lol

Ever have one of those "aha" moments where you think you've come up with something completely genius.. only to go onto google & discover.. there are other genius's just like you? It happens to me all the time. lol. Ok not all the time. But it has happened a few times.

I was trying to figure out a way to get the little ones to be more focused right where it counts... the lense. The Rubber Ducks have been such a success, I've ordered themed rubber duckys & now every child gets one from me at the end of a session. So I was working on a little design, a prototype if you will... for a critter or animal or toy to be attached to my lense. This way, they'll look right at it and prett much right where we want them to. I actually got out some elastic hairties & I was trying to figure out how to sew fabric over them to make them slip over my lense & sew on felt peices, buttons, googly eyes.. fun stuff. I'm crafty & creating something whimsical, colorful & fun wouldn't be a problem... it was the best way to get it onto an elastic... So I googled the idea just to see if anyone else had something simliar and low and behold.. there they were. and they're on etsy too. I saw several other people have used scrunchy hair ties that match the character you are creating. Genius idea!!! That was my missing link.  So, I borrowed that part. lol. While I can't claim I was the original, because I'm obviously not, I can claim, the idea felt like it was birthed in my own mind, and the critters I am making, are most definetely my own creativeness. I've kind of been building them as I go. After I get a few prototypes created to sell I'll take pictures of them for my etsy store in case anyone else is interested. I'm working on a pink flamingo right now. But here are the few I've created so far. There will be LOTS more :)

tinkerbell lives down the road from me :)

I took pictures of her last week :) She's a sweet pie! & she loves rubber duckys!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rubber Duckys!

I started buying rubber duckys for my childrens and family sessions (with children) and it is now going to be a regular part of my routine. I have found that a little rubber ducky for each child really helps them focus, look where I need them to, keep them entertained & gives them incentive to smile like a good boy/girl for the "circle that catches smiles" (hey..... I gotta get creative lol) and at the end of their session.. they keep the squeaky quacker. So in the future, expect to see rubber duckys in my camera bag & to have a ducky per kid go home with you after your session ;) I've got yellow ones and cutsie novelty duckys ordered and on the way :)

last weekend! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

my camera bag & strap cover came last week!

I was out of town so I wasn't here for its arrival, but I ordered a black and white damask (thats a shocker lol) handmade camera bag with a matching strap cover for my girl. Yes my camera is a girl. I got it from a lovely lady named Judy who has a store on etsy. I was searching for a black and damask camera bag months ago, typed in what I wanted on google and BAM photos of her camera bags popped up. It was a glorious moment. lol. I saved it to my favorites and ordered it a few weeks ago lol. I was a giggly little girl here in my chair when I realized there was actually a real live camera bag that looked like it was made just for me out there! And I just HAD to get my little hands on it. And finally, I have. *smile*

heres what I have

This bag was twice the size of the bag I had before. What I love about it, is the pockets inside that prevent my camera and lenses from rubbing against eachother.. which eventually makes everything look scratchy. With this bag, I can avoid all of that. Plus, organization. There are those times I have seconds to get my lense on to catch something, with this, I dont have to fiddle and panic. Did I mention its gorgeous? High quality too. Nice and thick but not really heavy. And the strap cover, makes my camera even more MINE and has a neat little pocket for my lense cap. The strap is perfectly padded and the camera strap cover adds cushioning that I desperately needed. The clips and buckles are very high quality and makes access to your equipment very easy. Putting everything back together or getting it out is a breeze.

When I first opened the box and pulled away the plastic... there she sat.... looking back at me... like it a was reunion with a long lost friend.. (ok maybe I'm a little melodramatic, it's early, I've only had one cup of coffee)... but seriously... it's like I heard angels singing.

I couldn't find a bag like this anywhere else. I searched and searched. It took a long time. Then I found one..... I ordered... waited for my beauty to be made and when she finally got here.... it was a happy moment for me lol. I can't wait for my appt tomorrow so I can toat this baby around. I'm proud of her ;)

Thank you Judy!!

I'm going to include the photos Judy has posted to advertise the bag :) These are her pictures not mine. :)

I give Judy's homemade camera bags and strap covers 3 thumbs up. I only have 2 thumbs up, but I still give it 3. Because this is my blog, and I can lol.

Thank you Judy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gosh I love the fall!

Fall is beautiful. And a perfect time for family portraits. I know I probably sound pretty monotonaus saying that, buts its so true. I have pumpkins & hay & mums for props right now if you want to use them! I was honored to do family portraits an old high school classmate and his family this past weekend. Gosh they're a good lookin bunch! Don't ya think?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"I miss my dad"...

This drawing here was found by a dear friend of mine in the school journal of her 6 yr old first grader, Robert. Roberts dad, also very near and dear to my heart for many years, who to many is known as SPC "Goose", is serving our country overseas and has been gone from his family since April and is hoping to return this coming spring. She posted this photo on facebook for her husband "Goose" to see!

We love you Goose! Come home soon!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Autumn is here....

Another Season gone by! I was a bit hesitant to accept fall this year... which makes no sense as fall is my FAVORITE season.... I just wasn't quite ready to let go of summer.. because this last summer for me.... was about the most awesome I've had in many many years. I gave in a couple of weeks ago and switched out summer fruity scented candles for apples & cinnamon. I pulled out the sweaters & coats, bought some tall boots. Just went shopping for a haybale, pumpkins & mums for decor.... got some apple cider.... & warmed that to sip while I worked..... and I'm totally feeling the fall now. The leaves are changing where I live, and changing even more back up home, where I will be this weekend doing... guess.... autumn family portraits. Because it IS that perfect time of year.

I even changed up my website a bit to fit the season!

In the meantime, find some quiet time alone with a cup of hot apple cider & watch the leaves fall and listen to the breeze......  & if you want fall family portraits.. hit me up quick while photos are still on sale!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cowboy Shots

A few days ago I went out to Stony Creek to the Thousand Acres Golf Course/ Ranch Resort for some cowboy shots! What beautiful country it is out there... I had never been before. I was surrounded by mountains and changing leaves, peace, quiet, sky, streams, horses, and a cowboy named Bryan who I met through a mutual friend. My only complaint.. it was muggy and buggy. lol. But Bryan was so much fun to work with and the horses were so pretty... I really enjoyed myself. It also didn't hurt that Bryan was nice enough to let me spray his cologne in my car for the ride back.  Totally g rated I swear. *wink* Thanks Bryan! It was absolutely.. awesome? yea.. being out there in such a pretty area and all those horses. It's been years since I've had horses around.. My grandfather used to own retired race horses and we got to play with them and baby them... but that has been forever. So when Bryan had me followed him into an open area with (he said) 39 horses walking around and some coming up to me like puppies sniffing my pockets for treats.... at first I was intimidated.. but then I got the giggles a bit. He was right, they were all very sweet & I liked being there. I'm sure all the pretty single girls will be hitting you on up facebook now  Bryan! haha. You asked for it! LOL Cheers!!