Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!!

Happy candy day! lol. did you take your critters out? We had a party at school & a parade AND we went to two malls and the local neighborhood for some candy gathering. lol. This was another year of a homemade costume for Abby, and we even used the same box as last year. She has declared we will keep using the same box each year and see what we can come up with. I like my Abby. She's original. *smile* Here are a few pictures from today. The first 2 are from her school party. I made a veggie platter and another mom made the punch with eyeballs lol. They went perfect together. Dont worry, there were plenty of cupcakes & cookies as well. lol.

oops.. i did it again. lol. I made this same display last year.

this lovely punch & eyeball concoction was made by another homeroom parent :) Cute huh?

and now for my "costume". I don't normally do anything for Halloween but this year Abby sorta begged me. So since I love peacocks.... why not? Even though peacocks are boys, peahens are girls, their coloring isnt as vivid, peacocks are the desired look when thinking of a peabird..... I found a make up tutorial on youtube to get me started and I tweaked it a bit. I also sprayed my hair blue, added green clip ins, homemade peacock feather hair clips, & gold glitter spray. I also used feather lashes & glue on rhinestones on my face. It (my makeup) stayed on all day too! Gotta love that revlon primer! lol

yes that is my natural eye color... i love how the bright colors made my eye color pop.

and last but not least... my favorite part of halloween... ABBY! And her homemade costume!! a Rubix Cube!!! She was a hit everywhere we went.... geeks my age totally appreciated this & weren't shy to high five her or pose for pictures with her. lol. And yes, she made out like a bandit... and mommy has already had too much candy..... Dude seriously Gertrude Hawk was giving out their chocolates...... meeeeoooowww! lol

(note.... abby has candy stuffed in her cheek in this photo!) ha

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