Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cowboy Shots

A few days ago I went out to Stony Creek to the Thousand Acres Golf Course/ Ranch Resort for some cowboy shots! What beautiful country it is out there... I had never been before. I was surrounded by mountains and changing leaves, peace, quiet, sky, streams, horses, and a cowboy named Bryan who I met through a mutual friend. My only complaint.. it was muggy and buggy. lol. But Bryan was so much fun to work with and the horses were so pretty... I really enjoyed myself. It also didn't hurt that Bryan was nice enough to let me spray his cologne in my car for the ride back.  Totally g rated I swear. *wink* Thanks Bryan! It was absolutely.. awesome? yea.. being out there in such a pretty area and all those horses. It's been years since I've had horses around.. My grandfather used to own retired race horses and we got to play with them and baby them... but that has been forever. So when Bryan had me followed him into an open area with (he said) 39 horses walking around and some coming up to me like puppies sniffing my pockets for treats.... at first I was intimidated.. but then I got the giggles a bit. He was right, they were all very sweet & I liked being there. I'm sure all the pretty single girls will be hitting you on up facebook now  Bryan! haha. You asked for it! LOL Cheers!!

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