Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Mattel, I've got a bone to pick with you....

I'm getting up on my soapbox again. Not like I did last time... but just for a minute.... lol. I'm not really angry about this..... just doing a lot of eye rolling over it and I am curious to know who the heck thought this was a good idea to invent?????????..... I have an issue with a Mattel toy. Actually... I have an issue about a few but this blog is about one particular toy. That would be "Sweet Talking Ken".

I ran into this one the other day while asking my daughter for ideas for Christmas and I literally stopped in my tracks and said outloud, "no freakin way dude" and then I looked at the box, I flipped it over... I read... and I literally stood there in the middle of the doll aisle of my local wal mart with a dumbfounded look on my face wondering if there was a hidden camera nearbye pulling one on me. Nope. It was real. Mattel has really invented a Ken doll for our daughters where our little girls can press a button on him, say what we want him to "say" to us and it plays back in his voice. It's called Sweet Talkin Ken and it LITERALLY tells our girls right on the box "You make me talk" "The ultimate boyfriend always knows the right thing to say" and in the bottom left corner features a little girl twirling her hair like a ditz with the caption next to her "oh Ken, you're such a sweet talker". The part with the little girl is what disturbs me most.

Haven't Disney movies and romantic comedies already given us females an unrealistic expectation level of our male counterparts?

The average girl who enters her tween years thinks she's a princess and will meet prince charming who will be PERFECT and gorgeous and adore her and sweep her off her feet. And then when they get to junior high and they find out that boys have the capability to think for themselves too, they're in shock, and the heartbreak and male bashing begins. Ha. lol.

here's the tacky toy.

My daughter won't ever get a toy like this. This is disapointing to see being marketed to little girls for me. Now if it were marketed to women my age.... I think it could actually be pretty funny and make a great gag gift. lol This shouldn't be in the barbie section on the bottom shelf marketed to our daughters. This thing should be in Spencers. lol. I just think its better suited to the older ladies who have already had their reality check who can actually laugh at the ridiculousness of this plastic sweet talking gadget. *shrugs*

You know....... I wish my husband had a button on his chest that I could press and say ....."sit down hunny.. let me do the dishes.... can I please rub your feet? Let me brush your hair..... You are GORGEOUS today baby, don't bother putting make up on. Can I cook something for you sweetness? I just want to hold you......... Kim Kardashian? Ew. She's disgusting, I'd rather look at your ass hunny....... "

I think I might buy myself that damn doll......


  1. Have you seen all the Ken dolls lately? They all have like Bump-Its in their hair and designer-looking clothes and stuff.
    When I played with Barbies there were only 3 Ken dolls, and they never came with shirts. And they were muscular and somewhat manly-looking.
    Now... I don't even know...

    1. No I guess I haven't seen this new do or maybe I need to pay better attention. I'll look closer next time I shop in a toy store. They're making Ken a metro sexual huh? LOL