Wednesday, March 30, 2011

and she paints....

well she tries.... me that is. I'm going to be brave and post a few of my paintings... when judging me please take into consideration that I haven't had the luxury of taking a class. I'm just going on what I can make up while I sit there overwhelmed with colors and brushes...

here goes....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Downtown is a great backdrop!

I went for a walk downtown the other day with my daughter. I absolutely love downtown Glens Falls. It’s so pretty, so unique, so artsy. My kinda place. There is great a variety of shoppes, churches, monuments, restaurants, bistro’s and even murals! One of my favorite views downtown during the summer is Exchange Street. They do an impressive job with the greenery and setting up their wrought iron tables and chairs. I’ll definetely get some good pictures when its warmer and in season. We took a visit there on our walk and my little love bug was enjoying the fresh air and bright sun and climbed up on a guardrail (ok maybe I encouraged it for a photo op) and I snapped this one of her being herself. I love how the background came out in its natural setting. You may notice the orange vintage gas meter there against the wall….. very cool looking…..

Animals.. I shoot them from my car

I have a confession to make. I’ve been shooting animals from my car. I’ll scan the trees and fields and frozen ponds for wildlife. When I see something I want, I gently pull to the side…. aim for the perfect shot, while rolling the window down. …. I get my target right where I want it, I focus, concentrate….. and CLICK.

The first few times I was so excited I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I steadied myself because they were so close.

I’m hoping as the snow melts I’ll find more critters to get a good shot at. Hopefully PETA won’t harass me for this.

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

March 27th I had the pleasure of shooting a beautiful newborn baby girl in Lake Placid. I love babies! This little princess made it so easy for me! She was so pretty, so sweet and so calm! I’ve been working on her photo’s for a few hours now and I’m loving it!

Thank you sweet baby Hailey for letting me photograph your precious little face! You are an angel sent from above!