Friday, October 7, 2011

my camera bag & strap cover came last week!

I was out of town so I wasn't here for its arrival, but I ordered a black and white damask (thats a shocker lol) handmade camera bag with a matching strap cover for my girl. Yes my camera is a girl. I got it from a lovely lady named Judy who has a store on etsy. I was searching for a black and damask camera bag months ago, typed in what I wanted on google and BAM photos of her camera bags popped up. It was a glorious moment. lol. I saved it to my favorites and ordered it a few weeks ago lol. I was a giggly little girl here in my chair when I realized there was actually a real live camera bag that looked like it was made just for me out there! And I just HAD to get my little hands on it. And finally, I have. *smile*

heres what I have

This bag was twice the size of the bag I had before. What I love about it, is the pockets inside that prevent my camera and lenses from rubbing against eachother.. which eventually makes everything look scratchy. With this bag, I can avoid all of that. Plus, organization. There are those times I have seconds to get my lense on to catch something, with this, I dont have to fiddle and panic. Did I mention its gorgeous? High quality too. Nice and thick but not really heavy. And the strap cover, makes my camera even more MINE and has a neat little pocket for my lense cap. The strap is perfectly padded and the camera strap cover adds cushioning that I desperately needed. The clips and buckles are very high quality and makes access to your equipment very easy. Putting everything back together or getting it out is a breeze.

When I first opened the box and pulled away the plastic... there she sat.... looking back at me... like it a was reunion with a long lost friend.. (ok maybe I'm a little melodramatic, it's early, I've only had one cup of coffee)... but seriously... it's like I heard angels singing.

I couldn't find a bag like this anywhere else. I searched and searched. It took a long time. Then I found one..... I ordered... waited for my beauty to be made and when she finally got here.... it was a happy moment for me lol. I can't wait for my appt tomorrow so I can toat this baby around. I'm proud of her ;)

Thank you Judy!!

I'm going to include the photos Judy has posted to advertise the bag :) These are her pictures not mine. :)

I give Judy's homemade camera bags and strap covers 3 thumbs up. I only have 2 thumbs up, but I still give it 3. Because this is my blog, and I can lol.

Thank you Judy!

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