Monday, December 5, 2011

Gramma is gone....

A few hours ago my grandma left this world. She had been very sick for awhile, so it was not a big shock when it happened. My Abigail took it worse than I thought she would... she had formed a bond with my gramma over the last couple of years. I think the shock has wore off for her & she went to sleep finally.

I wanted to thank everyone who worked at the nursing home she had been in, for everything you've done for her & our family. We appreciate it & I sympathize with you for how difficult your job can be in situations like this & I appreciate the friendship many of you have extended to me over the last several months.

I had taken a nap because of a migraine earlier today and while I was sleeping, I dreamt gramma passed away. In my dream I cried & accepted it & thanked God she wasn't suffering anymore. Then the phone rang and startled me awake... and I KNEW... without even looking at the caller ID, I knew it was THE call. Even though I was awake, it still felt like I was dreaming. Sure enough, it was my dad letting me know. I don't believe I'm psychic or anything like that, not at all, but I do believe sometimes God has ways of speaking to us, and He was telling me in my dream when it happened, and He prepared me for the news. It had started off as a great day hanging out with a good friend downtown & back home to chill with her... and then turned into a very sad day. I'm going to take a few days off from business for personal time.

My session for this weekend is still on. I know Gramma wouldn't want me to stop everything in my life and cry forever. So I'm going to do what gramma would tell me to do. Say a prayer, cry a little bit, and pick up the peices and carry on.

Thank you for everyone who has emailed me or called, I appreciate knowing I have friends and family who reach out to me during sad times. It helps me get through it. God has given me a very strong heart that I am thankful for, so pray for my family if you don't mind. Pray for my dad too. He loved his mommy & his birthday is coming up on Christmas and I don't want this to be a miserable year for him. Thank you.