Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Autumn is here....

Another Season gone by! I was a bit hesitant to accept fall this year... which makes no sense as fall is my FAVORITE season.... I just wasn't quite ready to let go of summer.. because this last summer for me.... was about the most awesome I've had in many many years. I gave in a couple of weeks ago and switched out summer fruity scented candles for apples & cinnamon. I pulled out the sweaters & coats, bought some tall boots. Just went shopping for a haybale, pumpkins & mums for decor.... got some apple cider.... & warmed that to sip while I worked..... and I'm totally feeling the fall now. The leaves are changing where I live, and changing even more back up home, where I will be this weekend doing... guess.... autumn family portraits. Because it IS that perfect time of year.

I even changed up my website a bit to fit the season!

In the meantime, find some quiet time alone with a cup of hot apple cider & watch the leaves fall and listen to the breeze......  & if you want fall family portraits.. hit me up quick while photos are still on sale!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cowboy Shots

A few days ago I went out to Stony Creek to the Thousand Acres Golf Course/ Ranch Resort for some cowboy shots! What beautiful country it is out there... I had never been before. I was surrounded by mountains and changing leaves, peace, quiet, sky, streams, horses, and a cowboy named Bryan who I met through a mutual friend. My only complaint.. it was muggy and buggy. lol. But Bryan was so much fun to work with and the horses were so pretty... I really enjoyed myself. It also didn't hurt that Bryan was nice enough to let me spray his cologne in my car for the ride back.  Totally g rated I swear. *wink* Thanks Bryan! It was absolutely.. awesome? yea.. being out there in such a pretty area and all those horses. It's been years since I've had horses around.. My grandfather used to own retired race horses and we got to play with them and baby them... but that has been forever. So when Bryan had me followed him into an open area with (he said) 39 horses walking around and some coming up to me like puppies sniffing my pockets for treats.... at first I was intimidated.. but then I got the giggles a bit. He was right, they were all very sweet & I liked being there. I'm sure all the pretty single girls will be hitting you on up facebook now  Bryan! haha. You asked for it! LOL Cheers!!

what a wonderful birthday it was!!

Yesterday was my....... are you ready for this?..... 32 birthday! *gasp*. haha. No honestly I'm not one of those who freaked when I turned 30. I was actually looking forward to my thirties. And now that I'm IN my thirties, I can say, I'm loving it. Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I have had in ages and I wanted to thank everyone who went out of their way to make me feel loved & celebrate with me. I sorta felt like a kid again with all the party stuff & gifts & going out to "play" with my family (mom & dad too, don't worry mom I'll settle for second place.... you just got lucky this time... don't let it get to your head lol).  Thank you to my awesome friend/former coworker Desiree who took me out for some girl time & excellent gourmet chocolate & coffee, to Lacey for everything you have done for me and made for me and all the birthday attention you have given me since I was 13 years old.... to my in laws for the wonderful gifts & dinners out last week, to my husband and daughter who surprised me with many gifts so sweetly wrapped in homemade paper all decorated by hand, can't wait to make myself an espresso tomorrow morning! (loved it! lol) and another special thanks to my husband who cleaned the ENTIRE house and did all the laundry and dishes! (sorry ladies he doesn't have a brother)..... to my grandparents and grandmother in law for the spending cash *smile*, to my mom and dad for coming down to visit us for a couple of days & take me out to play & eat & for the gifts & the home cooked meal! (I love my mommys cooking) and to the couple hundred friends and family and customers & former co workers who took the time to email me or snail mail me a card or leave me a message on facebook.... THANK YOU!!!! I felt like a birthday girl!! :) If I missed anyone in this blog I'm sorry! lol

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the class of 2012 already!!

It's the class of 2012 already and its a beautiful time of year to get Senior Portraits done! I'm running a special for you guys... One full hour session, includes 1 location change if you'd like, and a wardrobe change, 35 to 50 final edited photos (around 6 to 8 hours of editing) on disc with print release form, on sale for only $80! Yea seriously!! And..... $10 of that.. I will donate to the Breast Cancer Website to fund mammograms for low income women.

I did some Senior Portraits the other day for a beautiful young lady who I did prom pictures for last spring. She made me so proud when her second outfit included cowgirl boots. lol. Congratulations on your last year of high school Emily!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I put my money where my mouth was!

Just for the record, because I gave everyone my word.... I went ahead and gave my first September donation to the Breast Cancer Site in response to my viral blog "regarding the facebook breast cancer awareness game". I donated $10 from each photo session I've had this month and 10% of my Breast Cancer Awareness T Shirts sold. It's so EASY to donate! Did you know you can donate as little as $1 if that's all you have to spare? Just think of the impact facebook users could have made if the players of the fake pregnancy game could have donated $1 to fund mammograms for low income women instead of updating their status message? Wow! So..... I ran my mouth... and I put my money where I promised. And I will continue to donate as promised for the rest of September & October just like I said I would. If you are interested in joining me and donating (even just a dollar helps!) You can go RIGHT HERE to do it! And if you live in my area & are interested in having new family pictures done... now is a great time! Not only is the foilage perfect.... My one hour packages are on sale for $70.... and $10 of that goes to the Breast Cancer Website!! So we all win! lol


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greek Fest Schenectady ~ Fotia Hellenic Society

Last week I drove down to Schenectady for the annual Greek Fest at St George Greek Orthodox Church/Hellenic Center. Abby & I had. a. blast. If you live anywhere near Schenectady, NY., you have GOT to go at least once in your life.  I went to the Greek Fest near my home in South Glens Falls last month, but missed the Fotia Hellenic Society Dancers. I was so bummed, but.... hope came back when I was told they put on an even bigger show in Schenectady. I came home and marked my calendar. :)

So Abby & I made it a mother/daughter day. I have a little bit of Greek in me... not much.. but enough that I feel special lol. We LOVED, pretty much everything there! We even took a church tour & I learned quite a bit about the Greek Orthodox faith thanks to Rev. Fr. Paul Panos. Which was nice because I have photographed a Greek Orthodox Church before and I had no idea half of what I was looking at lol. Don't worry I didn't touch anything or walk anywhere I wasn't supposed to! lol But now I know what a lot things are that I didn't before! lol. It was very interesting and very very beautiful & Fr. Paul was such a sweet man! I think it's impossible to chat with him and not like him.

When it was time for dinner, I ordered us each a gyro (not pronounced like you probably think it is lol). It was fabulous! We loved the live music by The Aegeans (honestly they were fantastic), the vendors,  (we did a little trinket shopping), and LOVED watching the dancing. By the end of the night Abby was learning some steps from some of the other children who danced and she was joining in. It wound up being a great party and a very fun experience. We stayed a lot longer than we had anticipated, and it was well worth it!!! I'm so glad I drove all the way down to see them & I have plans to go back next year! Thank you so much St. George Church & thank you Fotia Hellenic Society for the wonderful show! I loved reading your story about your group on your webpage as well! You get two thumbs up from me & two from Abby as well! lol

I packed lightly when it came to what I had to shoot with... so at times lighting was slightly tricky. Here are just a few of what I came home with. Enjoy! You can also find the Fotia Hellenic Society on facebook! Be sure to go click "like" on their page! They're a great group!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Share your blog with us!

I've found several of your blogs for those of you following me and they're great! Share a comment on this thread with a link to your blog to share with me and my followers!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For those of you in the drought.....

I have family in Texas who is telling me how dry it is down there..... we're thinking about you! I wish I could send my rain I am having right now down to you and spray it everywhere and water everything that needs it so desperately!!!! I'm so sad to hear about the fires because of this! It has me worried sick about everyone!!! If anyone on my list is in that dry region.. how are things for you?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This always brings a tear to my eye.....

A Snoodle's Tale. One of my FAVORITE Veggie Tales of all time. I first watched it when Abby was a toddler & I remember getting a little teary eyed at the end. What a wonderful message we could all learn from this! I think the writers & producers of Veggie Tales are absolutely brilliant. Wonderful lessons, cute cartoons, witty humor,... it's a win in this mommy's book! Be sure to turn my music off at the bottom before clicking "play". :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You

I am absolutely speechless, and amazed, and honored, to hear from the wonderful people who have shared their stories with me. I am in complete awe. I feel privileged and humbled. Thank You from the bottom of my heart....

Hearing your words has made it all worth it. You have inspired me & brought tears to my eyes, literally. Again, thank you.

Many Blessings to you all.


*hint* they actually look much prettier when printed!

Ladies t shirts now available.
Available in S,M,L,XL,2X
made to order

for $30-$35 includes FREE shipping & 100% of the profits I make from this I will donate to the Breast Cancer Website to fund free mammograms! 

and here are photos sent to me via facebook by the lovely lady who purchased a shirt!

$10 from each session going to the Breast Cancer Site!

For every one Hour Session, Couples Session, Childrens, Maternity, Infants, or Boudoir, during the months of September & October, $10 will go to the Breast Cancer Site!  Give me a call NOW while the scenery is amazing!

You could get portraits you'll love AND help support a noble cause! 524-4192 or

I look forward to working with you!

Breast Cancer Chemo Cut

Friday, September 2, 2011

Senior Portrait Sale Extension!!

I know not all of you have the time to cram in a senior portrait session before summer is over, and sometimes it's easier during the school year to get them done.. not to mention the beautiful landscapes we get during the autumn here.... so I've decided to extend my senior portrait sale until the end of October!

  • You get one full hour of shooting.
  • This gives us plenty of time for you to change your wardrobe & even shoot at 2 locations! :)
  • You will have at LEAST 50 final EDITED portraits on disc with a print release form
  • Only $80!! Normally $100.
  • AND.... $10 of your payment will go to the Breast Cancer Website!!
  • You will look fantastic!!
I can also order enlarged prints for Mom & Dad to hang up! Email me or call me! or 524-4192

See YOU soon!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Pretteh Kittehs!

This is what happens when you have 2 female cats & an 8 yr old daughter. I dare PETA to whine about this. Trust me, my cats are spoiled, well loved, little babies. They purred the entire time.

This is Greycie Girl.

And this is Libby Lou

Greycie again.....

PS. Libby's Lipstick is STILL on!

New products available!!!!

so I've added more products for you to order with your photos! let me know what you think!!! :)

new facebook profile picture :)

A little mood lightener...

I borrowed these from a friend of mine :)