Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Keurig

Dear Keurig,

You do it so much better than my last coffee maker. And you give me what I need a lot faster too. I love that. I always hated when it took forever before. And you're not as messy as you know who. So I'm breaking up with my last coffee maker. He's old news. The only time I'll ever need him is for group coffee. And even then, I may still use you.

So what. I cheated. And they were wrong. The grass IS greener on the other side. But I hope you'll be a good coffee maker and understand, I won't be completely tamed. There will be days you expect me to play with you, but instead, I may have the urge to play with my espresso maker......... right next to you............... while you watch!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you're ok with that, we're going to have an awesome relationship and I'll be good to you too.


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