Friday, July 8, 2011

oh how they make me puuurrrrrrrr


There were some beauties parked in the back of Crandall Park on the 4th of July, so people like me could come over and drool and dream.... and take pictures :) The car owners were most gracious for those of us like myself who were snapping away and admiring their treasures. Some day, by golly, I will have one of these. You mark my words!! If I ever strike big or win the lotto I am so totally getting myself a vintage beauty and pimpin it out! She'll be either pink or red, with black and white leather and velvet interior, rhinestones around the mirrors, sexy shiny chrome, with a lacy looking pearlesque finish on the hood! Mmm hmm!! Yup. I will dream her to life!

But for now... here are photos of the cars at Crandall Park.

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