Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love my fwows :)

Fwows: Pronounced "fwowz".
"Fwows" is the word my Abby used as a baby to say "Flowers". So "Fwows" is "Flowers".

I love my flowers! From my Abbys class that is! This last school year I had the opportunity to serve as homeroom parent for Abbys class. I loved it. I planned class parties and stuff. We had a great time and did some good crafts and I got to meet a lot of other class parents. I was just elated on the last day of school when the class invited me in one last time and presented me with this beautiful gift! Flowers! But not only that... the flower pot was painted by each student! I got a little lump in my throat when they gave it to me and I saw that each of their little hands had put something on it. I totally DIG these kinds of gifts. I'd rather have this over a dozen long stem red roses anyday! I sprayed it well with some krylon kamar varnish to seal it to prevent the paint from smearing anymore. This way she can get all the fresh air and sunshine she needs. I already have a perfect home for her in the kitchen during the winter. Right now I have my fwows on the porch and everytime I walk by them or water them I'm reminded of how precious this part of life is.... when our children... are still little....

I'm sure this gift was Abby's teachers idea (of course she kindly gave the kids credit, as most wonderful teachers do)... and I think it's just brilliant. I knew I liked that lady! lol She was a great teacher honestly and I loved being the homeroom parent for her class.

that bright pink ladybug with the curly legs was my Abbys contribution lol

and even more on this side :)

Thank you kids!!! I had fun with you and I'll miss you!! Have a good summer and enjoy 3rd grade!!
"Abbys Mom"

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