Friday, July 15, 2011

my little mountain girl....

I have a bazillion things I will be adding here within the month... I've been as busy as a bee.... Summer has been so fun! Right now I just wanted to share a couple of pictures that I know I will always love. I'm sure someday, these photos will bring tears to my eyes. I knew as soon as I loaded them and saw them, this is going down in the family history books lol.
I went camping up where my parents live for a couple of days. I live right outside the Adirondack Mountain Park, but my parents are right in it. On the last day I was there as I was leaving camp, my dad showed up and my daughter wanted to stay there with her Papa for a few nights along with an uncle and some cousins. She's a Papa's girl. I'm an only child and so is my love bug. So my daddy is really attached to my baby and vise versa.
My father grew up in the Adirondacks so this is very much home to him. I am a 6th generation "Adirondacker", but I did spend many years down south in the city until I was a teenager, when I was violently transplanted into the mountains. It took me awhile to adjust to this place, but it's definetely home now.
Before I left, my daddy & daughter went out on the canoe for a peaceful ride. It was her first time in a canoe and she learned very quickly what to do. She was even spinning around in the seat, unlike her scaredy cat mama (show off lol). And I snapped a few from far away (zoom). My baby is growing up so fast! And my dad is turning her into a mountain girl. She loves to camp, fish, boat, you name it. When she first showed up I expected her to sit and complain about bugs but instead, she went on the hunt for firewood. lol. And by golly, she found it. lol. Here is my baby and my daddy in the canoe :) and yes.... I am quite aware that I am my fathers clone. lol

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