Monday, July 18, 2011

I need a change.....

I need a change.... I'm a very restless spirit. Although what is familiar is comfort, I tend to get a little bored with my surroundings after a time just from the whole monotony of the every day colors & substance matter burned into my retinas. It's like plain oatmeal everyday. Who the heck wants that? (for those of you who raised your hand, I'm sure theres a pill that can help you) Sometimes it can be something little that fills my void. Sometimes I'm ridiculous...... and melodramatic. Who, me?

So I stood there (errr, actually I was sitting right here in this chair like I usually am) debating on whether I should rearrange the livingroom? Didn't happen. No energy, thought I'd start small. I began by thinning down my decoration inventory a bit. I parted ways after many loyal years to some of my embellisments of the "wanna-be" kind. That would be.... just some faux greenery and stuff I've been toting around for years that I've reorganized in everyway imaginable without consulting Martha Stewart for new ideas. Don't worry guys.... not the tree. She stays.  So I took all my boring crap a.k.a. "another mans treasure" and crammed it into a few boxes and stuck it all out by the curb with a "FREE" sign.  Now my neighbors can't say I've never done anything for them.

Small change. It feels less cluttered in here. Good. It was worth it. BUT.....I was't satisfied with that. I thought. is it something drastic I need? Is it ME? Ok..... maaaaybe... if I change what I see in the mirror everyday.... that'll kick this right in the gut and cure me! So I bleached my hair blonde. Yea. I'm blonde now. After a few days, the shock wore off. Now I'm used to it.
I barely scratched my inner itch. The void was back. Tried a little retail therapy. Ain't got moneh so it was the Dollah Sto'. That was cool. I almost got an antique type writer at a yardsale that still worked. I half regret leaving her behind. If anything, I could have used her for a prop...... but I'm trying to be frugal over here....
Although I am looking forward to wearing my gigantic dangly iridescent blue shell earrings that I'm sure will turn my skin green.

Too hot. No money...... then it dawned on me. I know what I can do for free while I sit here on my rump in the air conditioning that will change what I look at on a daily basis!!! I have been really bored with my logo and the general color scheme of my website. Why not update those? So I did. And I wrote this useless blog full of rantings and hollow thoughts you just plain didn't need to even know about to explain it! Sorry about that.

I feel better now. Until next week......

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