Sunday, July 17, 2011

Greycie is camera shy....

I shot a couple hundred pictures of my girls (cats) between last night and this evening. Mostly just pictures for myself of them playing. But I've discovered that while Libby is quite the poser, Greycie seems to have a bit of anxiety with having her picture taken. Of course I don't actually think she has any clue what a camera is, but she does seem to be a bit shy of it. It took forever to get her to let me take pictures of her, without her running and hiding. I coaxed her with food. She wanted a perogie. lol. Of course now that I am done she's sleeping peacefully in plain view. Figures.

I also wanted to mention to my fellow photogs, that if you have a hard time with red eye or green eye with your pets and the red eye tool is too harsh or not working, use the burn method and see if that darkens your critters pupils :)

Greycie wearing her pink "bling bling meow". (Cat jewelry line I make)

Greycie in the beginning attemping to hide from the camera... lol

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