Saturday, July 16, 2011

just in case you were wondering what I would like for my birthday this year.....

The first thing I want for my birthday which will be on Saturday, September 24th, the second day of autumn,  is for everyone to remember, that it will in fact be, my birthday. I will be thirty something, just as I was last year... don't you dare (ask)......

 I know I have a lot friends and family members who enjoy peeking into my blog (thank you guys so much and I love the feedback!!) so now that I've gotten your attention.... let me show you guys what Miss Chrissy is lusting after..... And I'm sure once you see it, you'll laugh.. because it's so "Me". *smile*

Aren't they so sexy?

AND... the best part.... is they would be totally useful to me! I'm not really happy with the camera bag I have now. With this one, my equipment (lenses & such) would also be better protected from scratches and very secured in this gorgeous ensemble. With that strap cover, it would provide better cushioning on my babys strap so it wont rub the back of my neck or shoulder too much as it sort of does now during long shoots. So if you love me and you see this, you'll feel the urge to get this for me, or to team up with someone else who loves me and pitch in together. You totally know this is my style! It's bad enough some of you see anything in damask and think of me isn't it? *smile* You could even call a few family members and spread the love even more! Not only would yours truly get what she would totally LOVE and be able to use for her birthday, but you could get in touch with family members you don't normally call that you've been meaning to! I mean... just think of all the possibilities! This is a win win situation for us all guys!!! I'm so glad I posted this for us!


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