Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A frog that said Andrew.....

I went camping last week. It rained a bit, but we stayed nice and dry in the tent. The daytime was great for the most part. I took an attempt to ride in the canoe and chickened out like a big baby. Then my dad took me out and talked me through it like a little kid, but it worked. I actually started to enjoy myself. lol. My Abby went out with him and she was spinning around in her seat and helping him paddle in no time, little show off. It was quiet and peaceful.

We had a real treat when a Mommy duck brought her babies right up into our site and they weren't shy at all. They gave me a lot of opportunity to take photos.
We were there 2 nites and both nites, I hardly slept a wink. All the noises. Yikes. I was very paranoid of bears. We took every precaution to make sure we had no food or drinks to attract critters to our tent. I was paralyzed each time I swore I heard a sniffing noise lol. As I laid there I listened to the sounds of nature. First of course was the breeze, and the soft rain. Then I heard some tapping in the trees from the racoons. Loons were in the background. That was hauntingly beautiful *thumbs up on the loons*. Then the frogs. The were frogs EVERYWHERE. I could make out 5 distinct frogs communicating back and forth. There was a croak. Another higher pitched double croak in the other direction. A squeaky sounding one far away. A really deep croak right on the shoreline outside of our tent. And then this delicately feminine sounding froggy that I swear kept saying. "Andrew, Andrew". But she said it so casually and gentle, almost a note deeper the second time she said "Andrew". I listened to "her" for hours. That frog was saying Andrew. lol She said "Andrew" until nearly 5 am! And by time she stopped, the people around us began to wake up and make noise. I got no sleep at all. I was tired and miserable. You could say, I wasn't a very happy camper. haha.

I took hundreds of photos, but I'll just share a few. :) I also wanted to mention, these are completely untouched photos not digitally enhanced. I only put a watermark on them. The second photo is the same duckys as the first photo. :)

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