Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You

I am absolutely speechless, and amazed, and honored, to hear from the wonderful people who have shared their stories with me. I am in complete awe. I feel privileged and humbled. Thank You from the bottom of my heart....

Hearing your words has made it all worth it. You have inspired me & brought tears to my eyes, literally. Again, thank you.

Many Blessings to you all.


  1. wanted to post my whole hearted thank you for your blog post. I wish I had been told about it sooner, actually!
    I'm a mother of one crazy hyper little boy, a little infant angel, and an unborn angel. I've been hurt so badly by the facebook comments because as many would understand, I'd kill to me pregnant right now with my infant daughter (then she would be alive) or taking care of her right now, rather than dealing with the aftermath of having given birth to her, only to have to say goodbye 20 days later. This stupid facebook game actually caused me so much stress that I ended up crying myself to sleep one night and laying awake another night wondering why I had been dealt the hand I got and why others who didn't even want a kid got so lucky.
    When I got the message from more than one friend that it was a stupid game, I tore into them, letting them know that the game had caused sleepless nights and crying myself to sleep, all the while wondering why I had been robbed the way I had while others were living out my dreams. I've actually lost friends as a result of speaking up about this. I've actually been told that I need to suck it up because its "Just a stupid game".
    My heart goes out to you and your struggle. I dealt with IF for 14 months while trying to get pregnant from my first pregnancy (the miscarriage) to my second pregnancy 11 months later (my only surviving child). I also have friends who are struggling to get pregnant and have each faced their own personal hells in order to try and have a child, just to have everything they spent the money on to result in no baby, no belly, and more tears. You have my utmost sympathies and I pray nightly for every infertile couple out there. I pray they get to experience the joys of parenthood in one way or another. I'll be following you now (if you don't mind) and hope to see that you get a baby in your belly in the coming year's time (hopefully sooner though!).
    Thanks again for your heartfelt post. With your (assumed) permission, I would like to post it (the whole thing, plus giving credit to you of course) on my facebook. Thanks again and praying for all the best to you!

  2. I wanted to also add, if you would like to read my story at all (totally your choice), my blog is 100% public. I have one that I vent on (come what may) and one for my kids (the gaggle grows) which explains the problems with my daughter and also has a link to the exact issues she had that lead to her death. Just in case you wanted to see where I am coming from