Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I put my money where my mouth was!

Just for the record, because I gave everyone my word.... I went ahead and gave my first September donation to the Breast Cancer Site in response to my viral blog "regarding the facebook breast cancer awareness game". I donated $10 from each photo session I've had this month and 10% of my Breast Cancer Awareness T Shirts sold. It's so EASY to donate! Did you know you can donate as little as $1 if that's all you have to spare? Just think of the impact facebook users could have made if the players of the fake pregnancy game could have donated $1 to fund mammograms for low income women instead of updating their status message? Wow! So..... I ran my mouth... and I put my money where I promised. And I will continue to donate as promised for the rest of September & October just like I said I would. If you are interested in joining me and donating (even just a dollar helps!) You can go RIGHT HERE to do it! And if you live in my area & are interested in having new family pictures done... now is a great time! Not only is the foilage perfect.... My one hour packages are on sale for $70.... and $10 of that goes to the Breast Cancer Website!! So we all win! lol


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