Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greek Fest Schenectady ~ Fotia Hellenic Society

Last week I drove down to Schenectady for the annual Greek Fest at St George Greek Orthodox Church/Hellenic Center. Abby & I had. a. blast. If you live anywhere near Schenectady, NY., you have GOT to go at least once in your life.  I went to the Greek Fest near my home in South Glens Falls last month, but missed the Fotia Hellenic Society Dancers. I was so bummed, but.... hope came back when I was told they put on an even bigger show in Schenectady. I came home and marked my calendar. :)

So Abby & I made it a mother/daughter day. I have a little bit of Greek in me... not much.. but enough that I feel special lol. We LOVED, pretty much everything there! We even took a church tour & I learned quite a bit about the Greek Orthodox faith thanks to Rev. Fr. Paul Panos. Which was nice because I have photographed a Greek Orthodox Church before and I had no idea half of what I was looking at lol. Don't worry I didn't touch anything or walk anywhere I wasn't supposed to! lol But now I know what a lot things are that I didn't before! lol. It was very interesting and very very beautiful & Fr. Paul was such a sweet man! I think it's impossible to chat with him and not like him.

When it was time for dinner, I ordered us each a gyro (not pronounced like you probably think it is lol). It was fabulous! We loved the live music by The Aegeans (honestly they were fantastic), the vendors,  (we did a little trinket shopping), and LOVED watching the dancing. By the end of the night Abby was learning some steps from some of the other children who danced and she was joining in. It wound up being a great party and a very fun experience. We stayed a lot longer than we had anticipated, and it was well worth it!!! I'm so glad I drove all the way down to see them & I have plans to go back next year! Thank you so much St. George Church & thank you Fotia Hellenic Society for the wonderful show! I loved reading your story about your group on your webpage as well! You get two thumbs up from me & two from Abby as well! lol

I packed lightly when it came to what I had to shoot with... so at times lighting was slightly tricky. Here are just a few of what I came home with. Enjoy! You can also find the Fotia Hellenic Society on facebook! Be sure to go click "like" on their page! They're a great group!!

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