Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

its after midnight and it means its officially my baby girls birthday!!! I can't believe she's already 9 years old! Oh how time flies. Right now we are temporarily seperated as she is visiting her dad for a couple of weeks..... and we're both having seperation anxiety. We had a short visit and went out for tea a few days ago and it was hard to tear myself away from her when it was over. It just doesn't feel right being away from her. I feel... weird. I've been throwing myself into home improvement projects on top of my day job (I had 2 for a bit there) and my photography which keeps me busy enough this time of year..... just to keep my mind off of missing her! Last night I cleaned her closet and swept her floors and tomorrow I'll clean out her fish tank and finish straightening..... I painted my dresser today (see I wasn't kidding)......

I'm going stir crazy until this kid gets home!! AGH!!!!

I'm hoping tomorrow while its still her birthday I can get her on the phone! She had this idea to get on the phone at night and each go outside and look at the moon together (sigh).... she is so much like me. I miss my little squishy quirky critter. Happy Birthday baby girl. Mommy loves you more than chocolate.

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