Monday, July 16, 2012

play in the rain....

drip drip drip. actually. no. it was more like a downpour! If you were outside, you were going to get wet. Yesterday while walking down the block from her friends house, my kid got soaked while running back home because it came down so quickly. She thought I'd be mad at her. lol. Why do kids think that? I honestly thought it was funny. To prove it I had her go back outside and splash around for me while I shot a few pics with  my phone.

She laughed so hard. I felt like a kid again.

Just a bit ago, and I'm still damp as I type this, again, DOWNPOUR. I saw Abby smirk and look at the window and just as she was about to ask if she could go outside, I jumped up and said "beatcha out there!" She lit up like a christmas tree and we scrambled for the door and started splashing away on our semi flooded one way street! I kicked water on her and she stood there with a shocked smile before she started kicking water back on me. Then her best friend came running down the street in her bathing suit laughing hysterically and we all 3 ran around the house getting poured on, kicking water on eachother, throwing it with our hands and stomping in every puddle we could find. We ran towards the street gutters to catch the deeper puddles and score points. I had to ditch my glasses on the porch because they became more like a foggy moist, droplet drenched blindfold than a visual aid. We took turns standing under a drain pipe that comes off of our roof. I know thats gross. I just didn't care. It was too much fun. Abby was laughing so hard. She was squealing, screeching, you name it. So was I! I felt like a kid again. We played in the rain until it stopped raining. I'm sure my neighbors peeked at me through their windows and are possibly questioning my sanity at the moment. I've been cooped up in this house and at work too long. I'm a mom. I'm about to turn 33. Sometimes you just need to play in the rain. If you think you're too old, or too proper or too mature to play sometimes, then YOU'RE the one with the sanity problem.

For the moment I am back to work. Mostly dry. And my kid and her friends think I am the coolest mom on the block. ;)

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