Saturday, August 27, 2011

Deer... Home Sweet Home Part X

I got lucky enough to find this family of deer on the side of the road in Saranac Lake on my way back to Tupper Lake right outside of my old high school. Literally in the yard right outside of the track. I got so many shots because they seemed pretty friendly and didn't seem to mind me snapping away and talking to them. I made a lot of eye contact with them and got nervous at one point when one started to approach me a little too close for comfort. lol. So I backed up for a minute. I think I was being inspected for a snack honestly. But I couldn't help but picture one of those scenes from that TV show Worlds Dumbest when that guy got trampled and got his butt whooped by a deer with its skinny little kicking legs when he got too close. I didn't want to be that guy so I relied on the zoom to "get me" close enough to them lol.

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