Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Baby Pics! Baby Buns included! lol

I had a great day Tuesday! Not only was the weather beautiful, but I got to do a photo shoot on the beach in Lake George with one of the cutest, sweetest babies on the entire planet! I had soooo much fun. I'm one of those moms that can never get enough baby giggles, wittle pudgy arms and legs and chubby cheeks (face or buns lol). Caden sure did seem to enjoy himself playing with the beach toys I brought him and he posed like a pro. Oh who am I kidding, he wouldn't even have to pose and he'd still be a perfect model! Caden just oozes "adorable". I drove home with a big smile on my face and when I loaded the photos and start going through them, I was actually laughing out loud at some of them. He's going to be a lady's man someday I'm sure lol. Lock him up mommy! lol

If you don't smile when you see this, there is something wrong with you lol

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