Monday, August 22, 2011

2nd Annual ADK Greek Festival

It was nice! I'm still bummed I missed the dancers! Turns out they had another prior engagement and were accidently double booked so they could only dance once earlier in the evening and had to leave. *pout*. I was really looking forward to that. But luckily I found out they will be at the Greek Fest in Schenectady in Sept and I've already made arrangements to be there. But it wasn't a total loss!

Before I even made it out of the parking lot from my car I was immediately greeted by two very friendly St. George Church members who let me know where everything was so I didn't wander around aimlessly (sometimes this happens to me lol). I knew right away if they had people that friendly in the parking lot, there would probably be more inside. They were also very gracious in allowing me to enter their sanctuary to take some photos. It was beautiful inside!!!!! Being of the protestant faith, there were several things inside I wasn't familiar with the meaning of, but I was intrigued by the beauty of the artwork. Naturally and respectively, I made sure not to touch anything. lol. I'll share some pictures from inside the church as well as the party. I have several friends who are Greek and of the Greek Orthodox faith, I'll have to ask them what some of what I saw was. :)

Afterwards I headed over to the party. There was food everywhere! Even outdoors! I'm told I should have expected this lol. Games for kids, prizes to be won. Totally bummed I didn't have my Abby with me, but she'll be with me for the next one for sure. The aromas made my tummy rumble but I really didn't want to get food on me or my camera. But next time (in september), I'm digging in & bringing Abby with me. lol. So I feasted with my eyes instead.

Inside I was greeted by even more friendly faces, beautiful music, and MORE food and desserts, as well as some great Greek Novelties, religious items and jewelry. I got a kick out of the hats, t shirts and aprons. Now if I ever find one that says "I'm only part Greek, but that's good enough", then I'm in. lol. The room was decorated very much as what I would expect for a party or even a small wedding reception. There were families eating together, visiting, and children playing on the dance floor together. Very friendly atmosphere.

I wound up buying a bracelet for my Abby & socialized with some sweet ladies & even learned a trick to improve my own baklava recipe. We exchanged business cards & she'll be emailing me her full recipe, although I think I can remember pretty well. Such nice people running the show at Greek Fest and I really enjoyed myself.
Thank you St. George's Church of South Glens Falls for your generosity and hospitality!

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