Friday, January 6, 2012

What have I been up to?

I hope I haven't seemed to be MIA. Really, I'm not. :)

I've just been busy. I'm working on the photos from the birthday party I shot New Years Eve, and sipping a chai tea while I scarf down a couple of eggs and listen to the washing machine, my dishwasher, and Steve Perry is serenading me. lol. Ok but seriously, I've been up to a lot more than eggs, tea & editing & lusting that 80's mullet (totally joking). During winter, business slows down a bit, so instead of just collecting dust I've been working on me :) I did a boat load of decluttering and donated a ton of clothes, old toys from Abbys closet, some small decoration items, books, winter coats, and misc. items. That was refreshing! Rearranged a bit, made room in my office to set up my indoor studio when needed. (its ready to go whenever anyone needs it :)... just wanted to throw that in there lol.

Abby and I did our annual bell ringing for the Salvation Army at the mall in the same spot we do every year :) It's always so much fun to do and I love that she is learning to help others with enthusiasm. I'm also extremely excited to announce that she met her goal she set for herself to raise $252 for World Vision. She actually raised $272! She used that money to purchase seeds, tools, and training for orphans in Africa, and a foot powered water pump. I'm so proud to have an 8 yr old who goes so far out of her way to make a difference. She's a pretty awesome kiddo. :)

So did you guys make any new years resolutions? I think we all do lol. I made a new years resolution to cut down on purchases from large retail chains with products made overseas and try to shop more at local mom and pop stores. I know that sometimes this wont always be feasible, but I will do my best when I can and I have really enjoyed finding stores in my downtown district I didn't even know were there. I think more people can do this too and they dont realize it. I think us Americans shop too much. I think we buy too many things we really don't need. And if we saved that money we could be buying quality products at smaller stores that we DO need that will last us a long time. I understand a lot of people are really strapped for cash.... (I'm one of them)... and sometimes the only way we can get what we need is to shop at those larger stores like wal mart, kmart and target. I do. I admit it. Sometimes at night when I get bored, I go to wally world. lol So don't feel like I'm criticizing anyone who shops there. lol. Not at all. I'm just trying to be more conscious of where I put my finances. Also.. when you eat out... try to eat at local places instead of big chain restaurants. :) The change will be fun anyway! Think of what a difference it would make if more people shopped and ate at smaller places local to their community!!

And... *drum roll please*...... I finally joined the Y and I love it!!!!!!! Its a lot better than doing my walk outside in the snow and sliding all over. Yikes. lol. Plus now I'll use things I never did before. Abby was so excited when we got our cards and went up yesterday that she told me "Mommy I feel like doing a happy dance right here in the hallway!" lol.

I'm also going to be doing a lot more classes this winter. I can't wait to see what I learn and how my work improves. I don't want to go into too much detail right now.... I'm gonna let it be a surprise :) Hint.... its not cheap so y'all hire me so I can afford my tuiton! lol I'd love to get a local couple for some engagement portraits in the snow!! If you are that couple, email me at and I will offer you a generous discount for engagement portraits in the snow if you let me use them on my website (you'll be models and get awesome photos! :)

I'm stocked up on extra large canvases as well, so perhaps on really cold days I can stay in and start painting again. I had some fun painting on wine bottles and I have two wooden elephants I plan to do something funky on. lol. why not. I'll be selling more of my work on etsy as well.

Also, I am making little critters for your camera lenses to help children focus in the right spot for that perfect shot! So be sure to check out my etsy store to order yours. CLICK HERE

I finally got a real cell phone. I'm able to stay in touch with everyone via email and facebook while I'm on the go and can take better photos. Not as good as my equipment I work with obviously, but much better than before. So next time I have a post of cell phone photos for the year, you may actually be able to see what I was shooting lol.

and for now I guess that's it. My tea is cold. My eggs are consumed. Steve Perry left awhile ago and I'm going back to editing! Have a good day and an awesome New Year.

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