Sunday, April 3, 2011

Senior Portraits...

They said it would snow.... it didn't... they said it would rain... it did.. but only a little... and I'm very grateful for that... because I had a long awaited appointment for senior portraits and they traveled all the way from Tupper Lake! When we first hit Crandall Park it was beginning to drizzle a bit.... so we started out under trees and I think once the rain saw we weren't giving in... and how bright and pretty Miss Jenna looked in yellow just like the sun... the clouds gave in and let the sun come out afterall!

Don't let me forget to mention this is my baby cousin! Jenna was my new years kiss when it turned 1994! I was babysitting her at a hotel in Buffalo and she was only 6 months old.... but I was always superstitious about making sure you kissed someone at midnight, so Jenna it was! LOL

We began by trees in the park.... trying to warm up a bit... you know... there's always that ackwardness when someone gets in your face with a huge camera and starts clicking away... it takes a few shots to adjust and loosen up... lol.... after a few park shots we decided to head downtown.... the background at the park clearly showed we still have some snow left here.... and Jenna was in a short sleeved shirt.... ha.... I didn't want her to freeze and I didn't want her pictures to scream "hey look at me I'm an adirondack girl!", She is.... and I guess so am I... but that's not the point... so downtown we went. Before we knew it we were finding bright red doors to shoot by and my girl was climbing up in trees for me! It was a great day!

Here is Jenna's Sneak Peak of her Senior Portraits...

Congratulations Jenna! You can do anything you put your mind to! I can't believe you're all grown up! Much love from the whole family!


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