Friday, April 29, 2011

Engagement Portraits in the Park

Last Wednesday I met with a very fun, super in love, newly engaged couple for some romantic portraits in the park. We also ventured downtown and even shot a few pics outside of the place they had their first date at. Janie is an absolute sweetheart with a contagious smile and her fiance Kevin, bares a slight resemblance to actor Rob Pattinson in the eyes. (or so I think, you judge) lol. But anyway.... they were very comfortable with eachother... and not only does that make a great relationship, but wonderful engagement portraits. Both of them were extremely photogenic and very open to fun ideas and even had some great ideas of their own and I loved it! I had a great time doing pics and visiting with them. I was so pleased when I loaded their photos and began editing. I really enjoyed the smiles they not only gave the camera, but to each other. Looking at their pictures so happy and in love together was just as refreshing as reading a romance novel..... not the cheesy kind.... the GOOD kind... the kind that makes you sigh.... I have no doubt these two will have an epic love story to tell their grandkids someday..... Enjoy the photos.....

True love is friendship -- caught on fire."

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