Wednesday, December 5, 2012

how dare I neglect my precious blog

I apologize to my loyal blog followers who this time last year had something fresh to peek at at least weekly. I've been working a lot and I've had MORE than a lot going on and I just haven't had time. Now that business has slowed for the winter I'll be able to turn more attention back to this, because I do have a lot to share.

I'll have to backtrack here to see which sessions I was able to post here and the ones I forgot. If you would like to keep track of what I post on a regular basis for C.G. Ward Photography, remember you can always find me on facebook and I do most of my work from there.

Mid month you can catch Abby & I doing our annual salvation army bell ringing, same location as we usually do. We look forward to seeing you there. Also remember you can do a red kettle donation online! And please keep an open  mind about your donations. I know some people have recently chosen not to donate to the salvation army because they are a church.... however.... if you are ever in need, if you are hungry or cold, the salvation army will never discriminate against you! If you are in need, you are in need. <3

So I'm off for now, and later this week I have a few things non photography related I'm going to share. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!!

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