Saturday, May 12, 2012

And spring is almost summer!

*waves* I'm still around...... I apologize for neglecting my blog. I've been doing most of my posting on facebook lately. I wish I could say I've been dormant..... that would insinuate a lot of relaxation and sleep...... can't claim either right now lol.

I had the pleasure of doing a beautiful maternity session in Crandall Park and a family session at Hovey Pond Park and a newborn session... but she's waiting for the rest of her family to get to meet her before we debut her online ;) Tomorrow I'll be going to Congress Park in Saratoga with my own little Abigail for some updated portraits. I'm pretty sure this is my last chance to get some pictures of her while she is still... a "little" kid. She's been growing like a weed and she's already up to my chin.... her face is getting taller.... and she's slowly filling out :( So I got her a girly dress and I want to coax her into posing for  me for a park session. I'm sure I'll have to bribe her with ice cream. It'll be worth it. lol. Her vocabulary has been rather boggling lately..... she's been reading a lot....I was amused at her reference to nasal spray as a "medieval torturing device" last week. She's 8. I'm doomed.

changing subject.

I've decided my collage frames here in my livingroom are outdated. Not just the pictures inside.. but the whole collage thing. It's a cluttered look for me. I'm taking the photos out and adding them to my scrap books and going to have 16"x20" prints of Abigail printed out to put in the frames...... I've done a couple more paintings and I even painted an antique window frame I salvaged from a neighbor. I painted bluebonnets on that one. I miss the bluebonnets in Texas. So now I'll have a little of Tejas here in my livingroom when its dry enough to hang. As you may know, oil takes awhile to dry.

I've also gone back to work part time during the week. Of course as soon as I took this job I started getting summer appts booked, but it seems I'll have a steady schedule at work, so I can still manage my photo appt schedule. If you've already booked with me, don't fret, I've checked my calendar and every date is set on a date I shouldn't be working. I'll make sure I can accomodate everyone. It always works out. I'll be over in the outlets in Lake George during the week and I'm pretty excited about it. I've had a burst of energy lately. All that working out at the Y is paying off lol.

Well... now that I've yapped into cyber space... I'll share a few of the photos from my most recent sessions..... TTFN!

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