Monday, March 26, 2012

a reunion after 19 years

Last week I was at Albany Internation Airport waiting at the bottom of the escalators at baggage claim holding a sign that said "Today I am being reunited with my best friend after 19 years of separation". Nice people everywhere were congratulating me and watching to see what would happen. Upstairs above me, my best friend from my teen years, Lacey, had just landed after flying in from Denver, CO. I was watching all the unfamiliar faces round the corner and come down to the baggage area... but as soon as I'd see a face I didn't know, I'd immediately focus on the next face. I had knots in my stomach, I don't know why. lol. I checked the screen again to make sure that was definetely her plane that landed. It was, and the people passing me were from her flight. And then... as the room was filled with onlookers, there she was. The INSTANT she rounded the corner I saw that familiar face and smile! I jumped up like a little kid and waved my sign! That got her attention and we both started yelling to eachother.. "I SEE YOU!!!!" Waiting for those stairs (poor girl was blocked in) to come down to me seemed to take forever, and in those seconds I waited the emotions hit me and I started to cry lol. And because Lacey is a sap just like me, so did she. By time she got down to me and I ran to her and we threw our arms around eachother the remaining crowd was clapping for us while we stood there in a big crying hug. I said to her "I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning!!" Someone offered to take a photo for us. It was an awesome reunion!

We got her bags and headed out to the mall, one of our favorite hang outs as a kid, and then to my home. She stayed with me for 5 days, not nearly long enough!!! I love how we didn't have to have something big planned everyday or night. Sometimes we'd each be on a couch in our jammies sipping something hot and reading a book. We're just content with eachothers company. My daughter also formed a bond with my Lacey. lol I love that.

The only wild thing we did was the day before she left. I got my nose pierced again (I've had it done before but it healed). She told me to stop being a big sissy and get in there. hahah. She has pictures for me I can post later.

My daughter and husband each took some pictures of us together, so when we're old ladies we can once again talk about how young we look in our photos together.

I hate that we live so far apart from eachother, but so grateful for the modern technology that brought us back together. We definetely won't wait another 19 years to get together and I'm hoping I can go to Denver to see her!

Precious moments are all around us. Get pictures!!!!!

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