Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wild Center

Took a trip to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake Friday afternoon....

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Monday, May 23, 2011

South Glens Falls High School Prom 2011

Saturday afternoon I hit the park near Coopers Cave to do some prom photos! What a crowd! A lot of limos too! Boat loads of teenagers dressed up to the nines all ready for the prom. My biggest dilemma was the amount of parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins etc...... who all wanted to jump in front of myself and the other photographers present to snap pictures. lol. At times it made it a bit difficult, and in all the chaos of relatives and friends parents screaming "look at me" it was hard to get groups looking at the camera at the same time. Note to self. Next time, bring a step ladder.

But let's get onto the prom pictures from South Glens Falls High School, prom 2011. I was hired to do portraits for a stunning, lovely, young lady and her group of friends. We had a lot of fun and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. We even got the boys to show us their tailfeathers lol. I couldn't help but smile when one beautiful girl showed up in a killer dress, luscious curls and cowboy boots! It's fun to see how everyone figured out a way to show their own personal style in their ensemble. I'm looking forward to having a much more slow paced, less chaotic senior portrait session with the same young lady She'll be great to work with....

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ahhh the fresh scent of flowers in the air.....

I LOVE the fresh fragrance of all the flowers and trees when I walk downtown this time of year. The breeze literally carries the floral scent like potpourri...

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boudoir Portraits.. how it works....

It's a myth that you have to be super thin and flawless to look fabulous in boudoir style portraits. I think just about anyone can pull it off. It's all about angles, and wardrobe. Most ladies know what works for them. From behind my lense, I can see which angles are most flattering for you. I will also walk you through the poses, I will go out of my way to make you comfortable. You are more than welcome to bring a friend with you if that eases you, listen to your favorite music, or crack open a bottle of wine if you'd like.

Are you worried about skin imperfections? No need for that either. I'll remove them when I edit. There are a lot of tricks that can be done in digital photography to make you look your absolute best. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the final image that I can create, so you can be assured, you will look fantastic.

I also recommend that you consider either tanning, or a light self tanner, unless you love your natural skin tone, by all means.. stay you. Don't use too much self tanner if you opt that way, you'll look blotchy, or you'll resemble a cheesenip lol. Just a bit of color. For that ultra glamorous look, a good manicure, make up and hair style is a must. If you don't own anything sexy to wear it's worth shopping for something. Even just a couple of ensembles with a few accessories is really worth it. Try victoria's secret or fredericks of hollywood. There is a growing trend in the modern pin up look. I also happen to favor that look as well... it's great to work with and quite frankly it flatters ANY lady. If you need ideas on props or wardrobe.... anything... PLEASE do not hestitate to ask me.

Generally boudoir portraits are done for engaged ladies for the hubby to be.... married ladies to their husbands, gals with a special someone in the military far away (warning, this may prompt a marriage proposal lol), or even single ladies who just want to do it for themselves.

They are ALWAYS done tastefully. Generally there is no full nudity. I will never ever take any images that are pornographic. Sexy should ALWAYS be classy. I know many many poses where you can have certain areas covered yet still be showing thats super sexy look you want.

You may have your images put on disc with a copyright release form so you may print them whereever you want, OR, I can easily have them printed out professionally for you, in complete privacy. ALL images will be digitally enhanced. Sometimes this is as simple as tweaking the lighting, or slight cropping, and it can be as far as completely airbrushing all exposed skin, adjusting skin tone, whitening teeth, lightening eyes, removing stretch marks, moles, freckles, scars, and adding make up.... etc. Sometimes even a light airbrushed tan where it is needed.

In the end you will still be you, but you will be your hottest you.

None of your photos will ever be put on the internet or shared without your complete and full consent given to me, and you are NEVER required to share your images with anyone. If you are simply looking to have it done for your husband for example.. nobody but you, me, and him will ever know. Wouldn't that be an awesome birthday or anniversary gift? *smile*

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boudoir Portraits. sexy!

I took a dip into boudoir style portraits a few days ago. Cerina was my model and she was fantastic. We had a great ice breaker by first hitting the mall and a few other places on the search for fishnets... a must for many boudoir photographers and clients. Cerina brought a lot of wardrobe ideas which really made the shoot fun and gave us a good variety.
After a few shots in front of the brick wall in my livingroom, we ventured into the studio I had set up. I prefer to use natural lighting as it bests compliments most any skin tone, so we cracked the all the blinds.
The combination of going out shopping together, music in the background, and Cerina's cell phone blowing up during the shoot kept the energy upbeat and fun, (I snuck a couple pics of her texting lol) but it got really funny when Cerina's foot tapped the closet door which caused the other door (sliding) to "tap" back... It sounded like someone was in the closet knocking! Poor Cerina was there in a pose and I saw this look of sheer terror on her face through the lense for a second before we both busted out laughing. Did I get a picture of it? No, because I'm not that mean.... should I have taken a picture of it? Probably... Cerina would have totally appreciated it. lol. It will definetely be memorable for that reason lol. As always, Cerina's pictures were fantastic and once again I fell in love with a couple of the candid shots I snapped as she was moving into another pose. She has the best smile when she's just being herself.

Please keep in mind when viewing these photos, they are rated PG (semi nude) in nature. No full nudity is done. If you are interested in boudoir photography, please give me a call at 518-524-4192. I'd love to show you how beautiful you are!

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