Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Downtown is a great backdrop!

I went for a walk downtown the other day with my daughter. I absolutely love downtown Glens Falls. It’s so pretty, so unique, so artsy. My kinda place. There is great a variety of shoppes, churches, monuments, restaurants, bistro’s and even murals! One of my favorite views downtown during the summer is Exchange Street. They do an impressive job with the greenery and setting up their wrought iron tables and chairs. I’ll definetely get some good pictures when its warmer and in season. We took a visit there on our walk and my little love bug was enjoying the fresh air and bright sun and climbed up on a guardrail (ok maybe I encouraged it for a photo op) and I snapped this one of her being herself. I love how the background came out in its natural setting. You may notice the orange vintage gas meter there against the wall….. very cool looking…..

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